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MN Capital offers VA Mortgage programs to 100% o the subject properties value.  This program is available for purchase, refinance & cash out mortgages.

FHA Loans offer relaxed guidelines.  These loans can be used to purchase or refinance your home.  Contact us for details.      

The HARP programs allow home owners to refinance their home to the current lower rates regardless to the loan to value.   Contact us for details.

MN Capital offers many types of purchase mortgage options.  When purchasing a home the one size fits all approach does not work.    

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At MN Capital, Inc., we open doors to a wealth of personalized financial services. We are a progressive mortgage company serving the personal mortgage needs of today's progressive home owners. With a warm and friendly approach our knowledgeable team works side by side with you to provide financial loan options that fit your families lifestyle and budget. We are committed to fulfilling the American dream of home ownership.

MN Capital, Inc. is differenet than most mortgage companies as we can process, underwrite and fund all in house. We are in full control of the loan process. This flexibility allows us to offer borrower's programs available in all stages of life.

​Our website has been designed with you in mind. While no website or software is going to replace a mortgage professional, our website does offer you information on several mortgage programs. MN Capital is currently lending in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oregon and Florida.

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